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The Georgia Theatre Hall of Fame was established by the Board of Directors of the Georgia Theatre Conference in 2008 to recognize exemplary contributions and accomplishments of theatre practitioners from, or working in, the state of Georgia. The award is given at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and is not necessarily given every year.  In 2016, the Board established a policy that no more than two candidates would be admitted to the Hall of Fame in a given year. Within each year below, multiple recipients are listed in alphabetical order.


2018     Topher Payne

2017      Lauren Gunderson, Anthony Rodriguez

2015     Caroline Cook, Jodi Benson, Ray Benson, Dale Grogan, Jim Hammond, Barbara 
        Hartwig, Brian Kurlander

2014     Jasmine Guy

2013     Stanley Longman, Gina Moore, Michael Whitaker

2012     Joyce Kay, Karan Kendrick, Pete Mellen, Larry Smith

2011      Ossie Davis

2009    Mark Costello, Jeff Adler,Lisa Adler, Mark Costello, Rosemary Newcott, Paul Pierce

2008    Inaugural Class

With the introduction of the Georgia Theatre Conference Hall of Fame, the Board of Directors deemed it appropriate to honor the men and women responsible for what, at the time, represented more that 40 years of the organization's history.  Past presidents, guest artists, and lifetime achievement award winners were included in the inaugural recognition. 

Leighton Ballew, Ed Cabell, Fred Chappell, William Damiant, ShellyElman, Lailah Feldman, Neal Fenter, Mickey Foreman, Jeff Foxworthy, Connie Fritz, Richard Gardner, Dennis Geisel, Hall Brennan, Mary Hatfield, Len Hirsch, Ray Horne, Tom Jeffrey, Clif Jones, Wray Kessel, Tom Key, Don Kordecki,  Vic Lambert, Roy Lewis, Bolton Lunceford, Chris Manos, Victoria Pennington, Travis Rhodes, Ed Robbins, Rick Rose, Jim Sligh, Dean Slusser, PamWare, Susan Weiner, Bob West, Randy Wheeler, Jackie Wheeler, Jay Willis, Roberta Winters, Frank Wittow, R. LynnWooddy

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