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The Professional Division seeks to support and serve the professional theatre community in the State of Georgia. The division administers the Georgia Repertory Ensemble of Artists and Theatres program, and sponsors a national new one act playwriting competitions.  We encourage professional participation in GTC performances and workshops.

To register for the 2023 New Play Competition, please sign-up through our
Official Convention Registration site.


Sarah Swiderski is a senior majoring in Neuroscience and Creative Writing at Emory University. Her poems and plays have been featured in Alloy Literary Magazine, the Lenaia Playwriting Festival, and the New South Young Playwrights Festival, and she is currently directing Dooley's Players' mainstage production of The Wolves by Sarah Delappe. She also serves as dramaturg for Britney Approximately by Megan Tabaque and as Bread Coffeehouse's LGBTQ+ outreach chair, a position that she created to celebrate queer identity in the religious space. She plans to work as a dramaturg or conduct academic research in anthropology before applying to graduate school, and she spends any and all free-time doting over her cat, Greta.
Pas de deux follows Genevieve, a former ballerina recovering from hip replacement surgery in her nursing home. She has been prescribed percocets, as is common for the procedure. However, these pills do more than manage her pain; they allow her to dance in her mind, the way she used to before a career ending injury. As Genevieve is weaned off of her pain medication, she begins seeing visions of her younger self, referred to simply as “the dancer.” The dancer can jeté. She can pirouette. The dancer represents all that Genevieve has lost, and she pushes her towards opioid abuse. As Genevieve spirals, she must choose between aging in the real world or dancing inside her head.


2022                                        PAS DE DEUX by Sarah Swinderski

2021                                         MADE ME A MATCH by D.A. Mindell
2020                                        HER LAST EXPEDITION by Daphne Mintz

2019                                         FAITH by Lee Osorio

2018                                         CLUTCH by I.B. Hopkins

2017                                         TELLING THE BEES: THE JUST NOW by Gabrielle Sinclair

2016                                         FALLOUT by Laura King

For a copy of the most recent Georgia Theatre Conference New Play Award Submission Guidelines, click here!
(Please note these guidelines are updated annually in the spring.  The submission deadline for a given year is usually on or around July 1.)
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