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GTC Secondary School & College Transfer Auditions are open to high school juniors and seniors, and to college students who wish to transfer to a new school.  High school students must meet minimum academic standards as noted in the audition form. 


When registration opens, participating students will need to...
  1. Complete and print out the Audition Form (click here).  It is designed for you to type your entries so that it looks professional for the auditors, but you will need to highlight or circle information to indicate your grade level and whether you are doing an Acting or Tech audition.
  2. If you have a resume, please attach to your audition form.
  3. Scan the signed form and resume together in one document. When you save it, please file as your first and last name followed by GTC 2023 (i.e. NancyDrewGTC2023)
  4. Email your information to the auditions coordinator, Cassie Scott-Fortune.  Be sure to attach your audition form to your email! 


Students will prepare a 90-second audition package featuring one monologue, two monologues of contrasting style, or one monologue and one song from theatrical repertoire. Song segments should not exceed 32-bars of music.  A capella singing is not permitted.  We encourage the use of a live accompanist over tracks.  An accompanist will be provided at auditions.


Technical theatre students will use their 90-second presentation to introduce themselves to college representatives and share a little about their theatre experience and their career goals.  Technical students are encouraged to develop an online (or hard-copy) portfolio and share the link on their resumes.  


Students interested in a Theatre Education major may prepare either an acting audition or a technical theatre audition, based on their area of strength. Students may select Theatre Education as the only intended major, or may select both theatre education and one other field.  Only students who want to audition for both acting and technical theatre are required to submit two forms.  Theatre Education prospects who submit two forms may add Theatre Education to both.  


Read our Audition Information Guide to help you prepare for a successful audition


The deadline for audition submissions is October 1, 2024. 
Georgia Theatre Conference needs your participation.  Our colleges and universities want to know who you are!


Callback information this year will be posted following the auditions.

Callbacks will be located at the vendor booths of the respective universities, organizations, and companies.


  • USE CURRENT FORM (click here). Using previous forms will result in having to resubmit your application.


  • SLATE - Prior to your audition, please slate your name and the title of the monologue/song.

  • BE YOURSELF - Let the auditors see who you are.  Talent is important, but it's also important to remember that they are trying to decide if they want to invest the next four years working with you.  It's about more than talent, that's about character!


If you have questions about the process, please contact Cassie Scott-Fortune,
GTC Secondary School Auditions Coordinator.
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